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About The Trust

The Trust was set up in 1994 by individual members of the European Suzuki Association to help musicians and teachers in Eastern Europe who wanted to become Suzuki teachers.  The Trust was registered as a Charity in July 2002.

More about the History of the Trust

The Trust aims to make high quality Suzuki music teaching in music available to children in the area covered by the European Suzuki Association (Europe, Africa and the Middle East).  In all the countries where teacher training programmes have been set up, the beneficiaries are not just the children and their families but also the many excellent young musicians who have trained as teachers.

The Objects of the Trust are "to advance the education of the public, particularly children and young people, about all aspects of the teaching methods, philosophy and practices of Dr Shinichi Suzuki in Europe and elsewhere."

The Suzuki Teaching Trust raises funds and accepts donations in support of teacher training projects in countries where there is interest in the Suzuki Method, but a shortage of funding or income to run teacher training courses. The Trustees of the STT are grateful to ESA teachers and families for their support through the annual Give a Child a Teacher fundraising campaign.


The Trust has given grants to the value of more than £140,000 and helped to fund teacher training. Beneficiaries include projects in the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa, Turkey and Zimbabwe.

Mission Statement

The Trust supports Suzuki teacher training so that children can be offered high quality music teaching using the Suzuki approach, based on the principle that all children possess ability which can be developed through a nurturing environment.  



Dr. Haukur F. Hannesson
(founding trustee since 1994)

Clare Santer (founding trustee since 1994)
Christine Magasiner (from 2005)
Martin Rüttimann (from 2011)
Juan Drown (from 2018)

Past Trustees
Henry Turner
(founding trustee since 1994 -2004)
​ Jean Middlemiss

(from 2002, retired 2016)

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