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How to apply for Grants

The grant application is commonly made by the National Suzuki Association of the country
where the Suzuki Teacher Training course will take place. 

If an association has not yet been established, please ask the Trust's administrator for further guidance.

The following items are required when submitting an application to the European
Suzuki Teaching Development Trust

1.     Formal letter of application
This can be quite short, simply stating that you wish to apply for funding for your association’s project to run a teacher training course

2.     Details of your project
These details can be a part of your letter (above), or you may use the  Application Form, typing replies between the lines of the questions.  If not using the form, please make sure that you still answer all the questions.

3.     Budget for your project
A budget is required.  If you are still not sure about all the details, you may submit an outline budget and add further details at a later date.  A Sample Budget is available TO DOWNLOAD for guidance.

Please note, that grant applications  should be made in good time before the start of the proposed course. 
Applications made late or  during the calendar year when the course is due to start are likely to fail as the Trust usually sets its budget and allocates funding  before the start of the New Year.

The Trustees prefer to receive the applications by e-mail.  You will normally receive an acknowledgment of your application within a week, and the Trustees will usually make a decision within 6-8 weeks.

All grants are made in £ Sterling denomination.

Priority will be given to applications from areas with relatively low GDP.

For further information regarding requirements for Suzuki Teacher Training Courses in the European Suzuki Association's area of operation please consult the ESA's website ESA Teacher Training Manual
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