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Long Term Teacher Training
Current Projects supported by the Suzuki Teaching Trust
Violin, cello and piano

The Suzuki violin teacher training course for Ukrainian teachers, directed by Anna Podhajska,  was the most active of the courses in the last year.  Exams for violin teachers were held in Gdansk on 28 July 2022, where seven level 3 and one level 2 teacher passed.  The course continued from September 2022 with a total of 34 trainees, nine at level 4, twelve at level 3, and thirteen new trainees at level 1.

Anna Podhajska, who in response to news of the 2022-23 grant from the Suzuki Teaching Trust, writes: “It’s so great to have such support for those who are fighting every day for human rights and giving children hope and love in these extreme difficult circumstances. This group is also amazing - traveling for many hours to meet for training in a town on the border with Poland and Ukraine. We just received the news from you right before our 2nd live training in Przemysl city (800 km from my own town...!) and they are working very hard with great enthusiasm - they are all sending big thanks!” 


A new cello course with five participants starting at level 1 and directed by Eulalia Subira Adelantado also started in September 2022. The course will be held partly online, and partly in Barcelona and Warsaw, joining the violinists.  The courses are both due to finish in December 2023.

Marzena Jasińska-Siudzińska continued her training course for Ukrainian piano teachers online and, after assessments in November 2021, had planned a new online course for levels 1, 2 and 3 to start in March 2022. Due to the war, the course did not start till May 2022 and by that time several teachers were living outside Ukraine and had been separated from their pianos. Following applications for help, the Trustees decided to buy digital pianos for the teachers to be delivered to a variety of European countries. Exams are planned for March 2023.

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