Long Term Teacher Training
Current Projects supported by the Suzuki Teaching Trust


Violin teacher training was started in Harare in 2016, directed by Karen Kimmett and supported by the Trust.  Exams were held in December 2017, and there are plans to continue and possibly add cello though much now depends on the political situation and the economy.  Once it is safe to start again, there are plans to add further instruments and involve more teacher trainers.  The Trust is committed to supporting this important project.


A new project to support the training of Ukrainian teachers of violin and piano has been started jointly with the Polish Suzuki Association.  Since 2018 the Trust has supported the piano course, led by Marzena Jasinska, with grants to subsidise the fees of the Ukrainian teachers. There was an additional subsidy by the Polish Suzuki Association, which also supported a violin course, directed by Anna Podhajska.  The Trust will work with the Polish Suzuki Association, which is hosting both teacher training projects and also adding its own financial support.


The first Zimbabwe violin course April 2016