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Long Term Teacher Training
Past projects supported by the Suzuki Teaching Trust


This was our first major project. It began with violin, directed by Tove Detreköy (Denmark) with the help of Bela Detreköy. 

Later on Annette Costanzi (UK) directed a cello course, and Anne-Birthe Andersen (Denmark) was in charge of piano teacher training.  Several teachers reached level 5 (The European Suzuki Association Diploma).


Following the establishment of the National Suzuki Association by Kasia Borowiak (a Polish resident of the UK) an intensive programme of teacher training with major funding from the Trust, led to qualifications for around 50 teachers. Kasia Borowiak directed the piano course, and Tove Detreköy (Denmark) led violin teacher training.  Cello teacher training was undertaken by Sara Bethge (UK) and later by Anja Maja (Finland).  Poland now has its own recognised teacher trainers for piano and violin as well as a strong Suzuki Association.


Karen Kimmett with students in Malody Township, South Africa


The Trust has supported teacher training for piano and violin, most recently directed by Jeanne Janssens (Belgium).


Sven Sjögren (Sweden) directed a long term violin course over several years with support from the Trust. A large number of teachers were trained, some to the highest level and one participant is now a teacher trainer.  More recently, the Trust supported teacher training for piano by Grant Mead.


Christophe Bossuat (France) and Karen Kimmett (Canada) have been running teacher training for violin with great success for many years.  This was initially funded by the Trust but is now fully self-supporting. More recently the South African Suzuki Association added a Cello Teacher Training course with Ruben Rivera (France), also supported by the Trust.


Following the establishment of the Lithuanian Suzuki Association a major long term teacher training project was funded by the Trust.  The piano course was directed by Ruth Miura (Spain) and the violin course by Koen Rens (Belgium). Annette Costanzi (UK) was director of cello teacher training. The association is now supporting its own continued teacher training programme and funding this by arranging summer workshops for teachers and children each year.


Students at the first International Suzuki Summer workshop in Lithuania in 2008


Christophe Bossuat (France) directed violin teacher training for several years. It is hoped that training will continue, also adding new instruments.  

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